Christmas Tree Village

It’s a tradition in our family that during the Christmas season, that one of our decorations is our Christmas Village! All our houses are hand-painted by Grandma, and all of us grand-kids have our own parts of the village!

This year my mom wanted something different to display our Christmas tree village on. So after days of attempting to research and find ideas on Pinterest, we found one plan that look similar to what she had envisioned. However, there was a lot of tweaking that we had to do to the plans found, but it was a good start. We created our own plan, and are excited to share!


This is what the final structure came to! Sturdy and perfect sized!

Christmass tree blueprint


Here are the steps taken to create the structure in the plan.

Circles are cut with router jig.


Time to paint in white!



Here’s what it looks like put together!



Now time to decorate!

We bought Christmas tree-like garland and a string on lights and intertwined them. Then we wrapped it around the outside rim of all the levels.


Then we added the houses, town buildings, people and decorations!


We are very excited to have an addition to our Christmas decoration tradition! What are your Christmas traditions??

XO, Katelyn


Flagstaff Trip!

Hey y’all!

So my friend Katie and I decided to take a spontaneous day trip up to Flagstaff this weekend! I bought my very first DSLR camera ( with the help of Black Friday Sales;) ) and I wanted to test it out!


So Katie and I went on our merry little way, and as soon as we got into downtown, and after searching for a parking spot, we went to Steep – Leaf Lounge!

Flagstaff (7 of 85)Flagstaff (13 of 85)

We then went to NAU to pick up my little sister from her dorm, and went into town for lunch. Which was just a bribe for her to take us around campus to find the best spots to take pictures.

Flagstaff (20 of 85) (71 of 85)Flagstaff (53 of 85)Flagstaff (47 of 85)Flagstaff (54 of 85)Flagstaff (23 of 85)KAW_3222


We ended up shopping downtown and stumbled across the cutest store, Shoes and Such, where a bought an adorable dainty gold and pearl necklace. We also took pictures against a brick wall, as you do.


Such a great day and a great end to the semester!

XO, Katelyn

Birthday Week!

Hey ya’ll, it’s me again!

So I turned 21 this past week, on August 27th! YAY!!

I celebrated by going to a Dierks Bentley concert on Saturday and then had brunch on Sunday. I could finally do brunch right, and order some mimosas!

I’m not one for boasting about what I receive for holidays, or birthdays.. unless it’s a product I think interesting to talk about! This is one of those times!

My adorable friend Katie surprised me with birthday week presents leading up to my 21st! One present each day I saw her:) Get yourself a friend like Katie!


Happy Birthday Stemless wine glass from Francesca’s



You’re a Badass Book and Boss Lady Mug


06a0922f-5464-4e47-992f-e96798e8c333Bath and Body Work’s Leaves Candle





Zoella Bath Line


Till next time!

XO Katelyn

West Elm Opening + Flower Child Date

Hey ya’ll! I’ve been MIA this month, but I have a solid excuse, I swear! I had surgery to get my tonsils out/ my septum fixed and had to recover from all that exciting stuff… and then took a trip with my family to Nebraska! But don’t fret, blog pots about what has been going on with my life and adventures will be up soon!


SO, last night I was lucky enough to be able to attend the West Elm opening party in Upton Phoenix! I attended with my good friend Katie, and we went to support our friends at Citizen HD!





We ended up both buying these gorgeous pink thick glass glasses so start off our West Elm home collection with! Because you already know we’ll be coming back!


After the event, we walked over to the restaurant Flower Child! We both had the Mother Earth bowl (which was sooo delicious!), and a lemonade.







A great night with great friends! Very happy and lucky to be invited to such an amazing event! Please go check out Citizen HD‘s products and show them some love on their Instagram too, I promise you won’t be disappointed! Remember to shop local as much as you can!

Until next time,

XO Katelyn




Bloguettes Workshop


Third blog post here, and I am bursting with creative juices after last weekend… Let me tell ya!

I was fortunate enough to attend Bloguette’s 3-day workshop in Phoenix! It was such an amazing event and was put on so beautifully! I learned so so much and was beyond inspired by The women of Bloguettes. I have a plethora of ideas in store for ya’ll, so get ready!










The Bloguettes workshop was an incredible event and I highly recommend anyone who is thinking of going, to take the leap and just do it! Bloguettes also has online classes and workshops available, along with gorgeous stock photography!

I hope ya’ll enjoy!

XO, Katelyn

Butterflies, Fishies, and Baseball

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing week!

I had spring break last week, and my best friend came to visit me! We had way too much to catch up on, and a lot of fun plans. We needed up hanging out and visiting friends for the first few days, but last Saturday we ended up going to an Aqauarium and Butterfly exhibit! I’ve never been to either of those before so I was very intrigued. We went to the new aquarium in Scottsdale called the OdySea Aquarium and the Butterfly exhibit beside it. We saw fish, seals, sharks, and had a photoshoot with some gorgeous bitterflies!

On Sunday we went to a Diamond Backs spring training game! I was super excited to go, since I have been to a baseball game since I was eight years old.

We ended up going to lunch together on Monday before my best friend flew back to her new home. Definitely a needed weekend!

Thanks for reading!

Xo, Katelyn

Hey, it’s me!

Hey, I wanna introduce myself, I’m Katelyn Cwik.

Most of you don’t know me, and if you do know me.. then you’re either a friend or family member who is nice enough to sit through my first post even though it may be a bit cringe.

Let’s start with the basics:

My name is Katelyn Cwik, and I am 20 years old.

I go to Arizona State University,  and I have changed my major more times than I can count.

I have a certificate in fashion styling, and I have an associates degree.

My best friend is named Shelby and we’ve been inseparable ever since we met when I was 3 or 4.

I love country music.

I have a lot of family.

I am sarcastic.

I am a nerd, like honors kid nerd not like sci-fi nerd.

I am 5’10”, have brown, and have brown eyes that glow green when in the sun.

And I am trying to find things that I like doing!

I plan to make this blog a documentary of my life, fashion finds, beauty obsessions, and all things life throws at me! I hope y’all stick around  and enjoy getting to know me and watch me figure out life!

Kisses, Katelyn 💕