West Elm Opening + Flower Child Date

Hey ya’ll! I’ve been MIA this month, but I have a solid excuse, I swear! I had surgery to get my tonsils out/ my septum fixed and had to recover from all that exciting stuff… and then took a trip with my family to Nebraska! But don’t fret, blog pots about what has been going on with my life and adventures will be up soon!


SO, last night I was lucky enough to be able to attend the West Elm opening party in Upton Phoenix! I attended with my good friend Katie, and we went to support our friends at Citizen HD!





We ended up both buying these gorgeous pink thick glass glasses so start off our West Elm home collection with! Because you already know we’ll be coming back!


After the event, we walked over to the restaurant Flower Child! We both had the Mother Earth bowl (which was sooo delicious!), and a lemonade.







A great night with great friends! Very happy and lucky to be invited to such an amazing event! Please go check out Citizen HD‘s products and show them some love on their Instagram too, I promise you won’t be disappointed! Remember to shop local as much as you can!

Until next time,

XO Katelyn





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