Flagstaff Trip!

Hey y’all!

So my friend Katie and I decided to take a spontaneous day trip up to Flagstaff this weekend! I bought my very first DSLR camera ( with the help of Black Friday Sales;) ) and I wanted to test it out!


So Katie and I went on our merry little way, and as soon as we got into downtown, and after searching for a parking spot, we went to Steep – Leaf Lounge!

Flagstaff (7 of 85)Flagstaff (13 of 85)

We then went to NAU to pick up my little sister from her dorm, and went into town for lunch. Which was just a bribe for her to take us around campus to find the best spots to take pictures.

Flagstaff (20 of 85)https://kathrynanneliese.com/Flagstaff (71 of 85)Flagstaff (53 of 85)Flagstaff (47 of 85)Flagstaff (54 of 85)Flagstaff (23 of 85)KAW_3222


We ended up shopping downtown and stumbled across the cutest store, Shoes and Such, where a bought an adorable dainty gold and pearl necklace. We also took pictures against a brick wall, as you do.


Such a great day and a great end to the semester!

XO, Katelyn


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