Christmas Tree Village

It’s a tradition in our family that during the Christmas season, that one of our decorations is our Christmas Village! All our houses are hand-painted by Grandma, and all of us grand-kids have our own parts of the village!

This year my mom wanted something different to display our Christmas tree village on. So after days of attempting to research and find ideas on Pinterest, we found one plan that look similar to what she had envisioned. However, there was a lot of tweaking that we had to do to the plans found, but it was a good start. We created our own plan, and are excited to share!


This is what the final structure came to! Sturdy and perfect sized!

Christmass tree blueprint


Here are the steps taken to create the structure in the plan.

Circles are cut with router jig.


Time to paint in white!



Here’s what it looks like put together!



Now time to decorate!

We bought Christmas tree-like garland and a string on lights and intertwined them. Then we wrapped it around the outside rim of all the levels.


Then we added the houses, town buildings, people and decorations!


We are very excited to have an addition to our Christmas decoration tradition! What are your Christmas traditions??

XO, Katelyn


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